All About Me

I am a Broadcast Journalism student at Hofstra University. I graduated from Tompkins Cortland Community College with an associates in Broadcast Journalism in May 2012. I’ve been accepted to Hofstra University, where I plan to continue my ambition to achieve a Bachelors degree in Journalism.

I trust that in the process of becoming a journalist, I have to be talented enough to convey great editorials and seek out people who no one else would consider interviewing. The reason I chose Journalism was to seek out people unlike myself and listen to their stories. I believe that being a good reporter means being a respectable person with common sense and novelty, who can represent a story with principles and report to society on what they need to hear. My goal is to one day be that person by hard work and studying both in and out of the professional world of media.

Writing is not the only thing I enjoy doing, I enjoy the beach and love summer because of that one reason. I believe that the ocean is one place to go and you feel free when you hear the waves. Hey call me crazy but it has worked for me the past 22 years.

I am also a huge sport fanatic! I’m mostly interested in Basketball being a NY Knicks fan my whole life. I have to give my twin brother credit for that, him being the only boy he constantly always relied on me to “talk-shop” about sports. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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