What It Takes To Be A Professional

21 Mar

Christine Xaver is an in-depth reporter for WCNY’s Central Issues news program located in Syracuse, NY. Xaver is also a professor at Tompkins Cortland Community College being the chair of the Communications and Media Arts program. Giving her students insight into the industry she produced her most significant project which is cooking show called The Sweet Life with Chris Xaver which is being aired nationally on participating PBS stations.

Christine Xaver on set of The Sweet Life

Christine Xaver on set of The Sweet Life

During a recent phone interview she explained her daily process of what it takes to be a professional journalist. She explained the daily struggles of the industry even after her 29 year career. “I have been in the industry a very long time and one thing you need to know about this industry is to always collect facts and have reliable sources to back them up.” She also explained how it’s hard to narrow down just an average routine day because of the constant moving, finding interview sources and then having to record, collect, and report information, and she explains how vital it is to always “check the facts”.

Xaver stresses that people shouldn’t underestimate the power that journalist have in informing and educating the public. She says “With the new age of the web and everyone trying to be what they think is a journalist. All of us can’t repost material we discover on the web at once and deem it to be news.” She also explains how hard it is due to the internet for citizens to trust and acquire the factual story. Xaver says “If you receive thousands of voices on one issue, it can sound like a lot of clatter. You need some reliable specialists on that issue to help deliver you through sentiments that make sense.”

“I can remember my first big story. It was November of 1986 and I watched hundreds of cops investigate the murder case in Dryden, NY. I was the first reporter on the scene and working for channel 7 at the time. The story was known nationwide and that’s when my career took off.” She explained it’s all about location and timing to make sure you are always prepared to find a story anywhere at any time. Being a professional at the time and trained for the career I was capable of conveying the factual story and gave the residents of Dryden evidence and a valid story about these poor victims.

Christine Xaver on set in Califorina.

Christine Xaver.

“Being a respectable professional journalist is a hard full-time job but with dedication and a good moral ethic it can be the best job in the world.”


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