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Alcohol or the Super Bowl?

14 Feb

As America prepares for the Super Bowl XLVII is this event actually even about the game? Americans of all ages gather together over wings and cocktails to watch this national broadcast. Not only is football highlighted during this exciting event chances are you’ll be drinking at some point either at a party or a bar.  Super Bowl has not only been focused around football but what choice of cocktail or beer you have.

Has the game changed into a drinking activity? While interviewing 22-year-old Diana Aghabekian I realized I am not the only one who attends these Super Bowl parties mainly for the drinks. Aghabekian said “I’m not really into the actual game I’m more or less just into the amount of drinking that is acceptable during it.” She also explained how she typically drinks throughout the season on Sundays with friends to enjoy this American sport. Aghabekian was not the only one that had drinking on their mind.

The Super Bowl and football overall is just another excuse for us men to do what we do bed; drink and watch sports, said John Maini, a 27-year-old from Levittown. Many believe that it is not a Super Bowl party without beer or cocktails. Turning this sports game into some sort of consuming frenzy. I believe barely anyone actually goes out to these parties and bars to even watch the game anymore.

“Football has been my favorite sport all my life and I enjoy drinking but in order for me to actually get the full experience I opt to put the glass down during the game and pay attention to the game I’ve been waiting all season to see,” said Kieran Driscoll, a 62-year-old from Levittown. So maybe I was wrong it could be possible that there is some people actually out there who left out consuming an extreme amount of alcohol flow during this historical game. Kieran also states how he enjoys the game from his own home; unlike the others interviewed he believes that the only way he can make sure he sees every detail of the game is when he’s stationary on his couch with no distractions. Even though many are consuming insane amounts of alcohol including myself the number one priority should be to just drink responsibly.


State of the Union

14 Feb

10:18 p.m: Obama has finished his State of the Union address

10:09 p.m: Obama discusses Gun Control with extreme emotion. He uses two victims of gun violence to prove his point.


10:06 p.m: Obama addresses Voting Commission using the direct quote “When any Americans… no matter where they live or what their party… are denied that right simply because they can’t wait for five, six, seven hours just to cast their ballot, we are betraying our ideals,” Obama is currently arranging a unbiased commission to progress the voting occurrence in America.


9:58 p.m: Obama addresses Targeted Killings and defends his counterterrorism record.


9:53 p.m: Obama addresses Federal Minimum Wage saying he will raise the wage to 9 an hour.


9:49 p.m: Obama addresses Immigration calling for inclusive immigration restructuring. He basically fixed to his innovative plan for the course to citizenship, pay back taxes and border security.


9:36 p.m: Obama address Climate Change stating, “”If Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will” He believes the United State can halt climate change through a two way advertise foundation resolution.


9:24 p.m: Obama addresses a Balanced Approach for the “fiscal cliff” discussions, explaining that the shortage must be chop in the course of a balanced approach of expenses cuts and tax increases. 


9:15 p.m: President Obama opens his speech with a nod and his address to bipartisanship. Explaining how the wars are coming to a conclusion and the economy is slowly healing.


9:10 p.m: The Introduction of the President Of The United States. After being introduced by the House Sergeant at Arms President Obama enters the House chamber.

8:53 p.m: Legislators have filled the House chamber.